Fall Conference Tucson AZ. September 17-18

Fall Conference will be September 17th,18th 2019 in Tucson AZ at the Westward Look Resprt. Hosted by Sheriff Mark Napier and the Pima County Sheriff's Office

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TBSC Annual Spring Business Meeting with SWBSC, April 16-18, 2019 in Del Rio, Texas Thank you to all those who came out and participated in our conference! Special Thank You to our sponsors: GEO BodyWorn Lock'er Down Nite Track Benchmark JailTracker MAG Aerospace Tremor Tech Inc. Fulcrum Biometrics MPH Industries Williams RDM Kologik BJA Valor Officer Safety Program Whelen Engineering Co. Crown Correctional Telephone Southern Software Turnkey Corrections Bi2 Technologies Federal Eastern International Rhyan Technology Services B&W Tek   Please see our Photo Gallery for pictures!

Cooperative Working Resolution


Sheriff John Cary Bittick of Monroe County Georgia

This article was written by Sheriff John Cary Bittick from Monroe County Georgia, who is the first Associate Member of the Texas Border Sheriffs Coalition as well as a friend and mentor Read more

National Sheriffs' Association 2016 Immigration Committee Presentation - Howard Buffett

Speech/Annual Sheriff Association 2016 Read more

Kids As Patriots

September 14-17, 2015: At the recent conference of the Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition, the Texas Border Sheriffs’ Coalition, and the Western States Sheriff’s Association hosted by Cochise County  Sheriff’s Office, a couple of young children brought home made notes to give away that had a lifesaver attached to each.  The notes read as follows: These children make us proud to serve to know that there are young patriots who have been brought up properly to respect and love law enforcement and their country. We salute these children and their parents!!!!!

Media coverage - Sierra Vista 2015

Media coverage of our meeting in Sierra Vista Breitbart Article - Border Sheriffs Express Frustration Over Lack of Support From DC Breitbart Article - Arizona Border Sheriff Deputized Federal Agents To Get Around DOJ's Lack of Prosecution Breitbart Article - Feds Not Prosecuting Mexican Cartel Drug Smugglers, Says Border Sheriff Breitbart Article - Texas Border Sheriff Works With Mexico To Find Missing Persons and Criminals          

Thank you for a successful conference!!

We had a great turnout in Sierra Vista and a good time was had by all! Our speakers were dynamic and informative, the border tours were a success, and lots of contacts were made! Keep checking back in, as more pictures are coming!    Group photo at the border fence, getting the rancher's perspective.   Read more

Sierra Vista 2015

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