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  • John Carman
    commented 2023-05-14 09:41:24 -0700
    I am former U.S. Customs and worked the U.S.-Mexican border for 15 years and exposed corruption and the Customs officials are highly involved in Human Trafficking(John Heinrich) and also supported by Drug Cartels like CHapo Guzman who paid Million$ of dollars to Democrats like Diane Feinstein(D) Calif. I am highly decorated and received DEATH THREATS and had to leave in 1998 and INternal Affairs Failed to assist me when I reported corruption by Supervisors. Contact me for more information. I do NOT get Retirement after 20+ years(USSS, U.S. Mint Police, U.S. Customs etc..) I do NOT get Social Security at age 70 and the Government Erased my contributions.(15 years CBP) Legacy agency and I am now Disabled and have proof that I am supposed to be paid since 8-13-2013…Still no payments. I will be Homeless soon…They want me “Dead”. [email protected]
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